Monday, March 23, 2009

The evening commute

The usual calm of the evening Metra out of Ogilvie Transportation Center was broken with the sound of a bickering couple walking through our car. "You banged into my bag!" said the woman, "I did not" said the man. A quick look settled the question, these two were definitely not together.

The woman's voice raised a few decibels; "YOU TOUCHED MY BAG!".

"YOU'RE A LIAR!!!" said the man.

Then the woman continued walking to the next car while the man remained on ours.

Everyone else on the car breathed a sigh of relief. My seat mate and I gave each other a brief look of recognition and humor. I could come up with nothing better than the old reliable "Always something!"

She gave a little snicker, then we went on our way minding our own business.

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