Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boorish behavior

On this blog I plan to point out foibles, follies, and everyday irksome behavior that I encounter in public places around the city. With that in mind I give you today an example of public behavior that I find bothersome at the least, rude, obnoxious and downright nasty at worst. This happened the other day at Trader Joe's. The perpetrator was none other than yours truly.

I was standing in line waiting at the checkout counter and my cellphone rang. Now I had been trying to reach my wife for some time and needed to talk to her so I answered. During the course of the conversation it was my turn to check out and while the checker was scanning in my items I was busy chatting away on the phone. I continued to chat during the transaction, during the bagging of the groceries and only hung up just as I was getting my receipt.

Now this kind of thing happens thousands of times everyday. My guess is that most employees that deal with the general public are used to this behavior and don't think for a moment about it.

But really aren't we saying; "we've got more important things to do than to interact with you, never mind me, just go ahead and do your job!"

I felt like a heel and apologized. The woman said; "well it happens sometimes." She felt it too.

I hate cellphones.

P.S. After my wife read this she said; "No wonder you were so short with me over the phone!"

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