Monday, December 29, 2014

If you can't beat 'em...

As a Christmas gift to myself I broke down and bought a smartphone. Not that I needed any justification, but I convinced myself there would be plenty of times that such a device would be useful to me, such as now, blogging while riding the train to work. Not that I have anything particularly interesting to say other than, "hey, I'm blogging while riding the train."

 I can even post a picture:

OK, this picture and this post certainly won't win me any Pulitzer Prizes but as a photographer, at least it will be nice to have a camera at my disposal wherever I go.

Someone who next to me was one of the last smartphone holdouts in my circle of friends told me that I've just gone over to the dark side. I can't say she's wrong but I sure am having a good time.

Just be sure to slap me if I start posting pictures of my food.

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