Friday, February 10, 2012

Surf city

Early morning insomnia inspired me to do a little surfing, catching up on some of my go to sites:

Woody Allen gave us Paris in the 1920s. Now courtesy of Dave and his blog Pleasant Family Shopping, we have a glimpse into another city in a Golden Age of sorts; 1950s Los Angeles.

The gateway to North Michigan Avenue is guarded by two of Chicago's most iconic buildings, Tribune Tower and the Wrigley Building. Lynn Becker gives us two depressing posts about the fate of the companies that built those buildings, here and here.

Last month I linked to an article on the New York based writer Fran Lebowitz where among other things, she decries the damage done to our country by the paranoia following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. From Robert Powers' blog A Chicago Sojourn; here is a perfect example.

In that article, Powers mentions the architect/planner Daniel Burnham. On a more positive note, here is a loving tribute to Burnham from Gregory Jenkins' wonderful site; Chicago Architecture in the Loop.

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