Wednesday, November 24, 2010

As seen on the L ride home...

A bleak, rainy night left all of us on the L platform chilled to the bone. Then a cold gust of wind made everyone catch their breath and in a brief moment of solidarity, someone blurted out: "Welcome to fall in Chicago." We smiled.

It still takes getting used to the early dark after we turned our clocks back after Halloween, and nobody missed the point that the mild fall we just experienced had come to an abrupt end. The only good thing was that it was the day before Thanksgiving and the normally shoulder to shoulder crowd was reduced considerably, there were even a few remaining seats after the train exited the Loop. From my window seat, there was not much to see through the fogged up windows.

There is a multi-level parking lot just north of the S curve at North Avenue. Except for a flickering light and some movement that was on the same level as the L tracks, the lot was empty. I wiped off the window to see the source of the light.

It was a group of people putting on a shadow puppet show for our benefit. I don't know how many people on the train saw it, but I sure did appreciate it.

Happy Thanksgiving guys, and thank you.

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