Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dubai High

Burj Kahlifa, the new Dubai tower that opened this past week, is roughly the height of the Empire State Building plus that of Sears, (I mean Willis) Tower. But it is only half the height of the mile high tower that Frank Lloyd Wright proposed for Chicago over fifty years ago.

A half-mile high building is still pretty impressive I guess, even if it will be mostly vacant due to the economy.

Blair Kamin took the opportunity to blast Chicago's Trump Tower by comparing it unfavorably to the Dubai behemoth. I'm not quite sure I understand the animosity that our newest S.O.M. tower inspires. Here is an interesting comparison of the world's tallest buildings including our own (in my opinion) vastly inferior Whachamacallit Tower, the former tallest building in the world.

To me it appears quite uninspired in comparison with the rest of the entries.

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