Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On the bubble...

Well it's been a terrific season and the Blackhawks deserve all the credit in the world for getting this far in the playoffs. At this writing they are scoreless awaiting the start of the third period, down three games to one in the Western Conference Finals against the Red Wings.

The goalies , Osgood and Huet are playing out of their minds.

I will endeavor to help them along as best as I can.

Well here goes:
  • Cleary scores for the Wings at 6:08, 1-0 Detroit.
  • Patrick Kane ties it up with 7 minutes left in the third.
  • We're going to overtime!
  • It's all over, Helm scores for the Wings at 3:58 in overtime. Detroit wins the series 4-1.
Thanks for a great season Blackhawks!!!

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