Thursday, March 31, 2016

Photographs of the Month

Not to complain but the two operative words for this month were sick and tired. I caught a tenacious cold three weeks ago which is still hanging around and work deadlines have had their way with me all month. But I still managed to crank out my picture of the day and then some, however less than I would have hoped. As a result of my general malaise, I didn't stray far off my beaten path, but I think it was Aaron Siskind who told his students that if you can't take a good picture in your own backyard, you're not much of a photographer. You be the judge: 

I made some of my best pictures this year between 5 and 6 in the morning while taking my son to his early morning batting practice. I titled this one, "good fences make good neighbors":

March 2, West Ridge

Never able to resist a nice foggy day, on this particular one, the sun broke through the clouds while the fog did its thing. What more could a photographer ask from the photo gods:

March 14, Symphony Center, Santa Fe Building and Metropolitan Tower in fog.

On a brief respite from work, I made this picture of a man emerging from the wall of the Art Institute:

March 17, The Art Institute of Chicago, Michigan Avenue entrance..

I find it hard to photograph when the light doesn't move me. After leaving work on this day completely uninspired, I threw all caution to the wind and got on the train hoping something good would happen. The best light for me is the most challenging, when the sun and clouds are fighting for dominance. Sometimes it's like walking a tightrope, especially when you have only a second or two to get your picture. This one came pretty close to that magic moment but didn't quite get there. Still it's pretty hard to miss from this vantage point:

March 18, Chicago River at Wells Street

One of my favorite stops in the Loop is the Harold Washington Library stop on Van Buren between State Street and Dearborn. The platform is surrounded by nothing but classic Chicago School buildings, this one is the Old Colony Building:

March 22, CTA State and Van Buren Stop, Old Colony Building.

After a long winter, one of the sure signs of spring is the sun's rays shining down the east-west streets of the Loop, here illuminating the entrance of Louis Sullivan's Carson Pirie Scott Building, or if you prefer, the Schlesinger and Mayer Store, or perhaps the insipid Sullivan Center. Whatever you choose to call it, for my money it is hands down, Chicago's greatest building:

March 29, Carson Pirie Scott Building, State Street.

I was enamored of the light when I turned around on the train and snapped this picture. The church in the background is St. Ita, the exquisite High Gothic church designed by Henry Schlacks who also designed the endangered St. Adalbert in Pilsen:

March 29, Brwn Mawr "L" stop.

Trying to take every advantage of my commute, even while standing on the subway, I took this panorama of riders completely engrossed in their devices. So was I needless to say. As soon as I took the picture, I grabbed the empty seat and joined the chorus line :
March 30, Red Line Subway, somewhere under State Street
Happy spring!

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