Sunday, January 31, 2016

Photographs of the Month

My new year's resolution late last December was to kick-start my photography career which has been all but dormant since my son was born fifteen years ago this Wednesday. So far so good, I've even worked in the darkroom for the fist time in oh, about five years. On New Years Day I resolved to take one picture a day and post it on my Instagram account. The point of that exercise is to instill the discipline of thinking photographically every day and then the hard part, to act upon it. I must say having a smartphone has helped tremendously since I have no excuse not to take at least one picture a day as I always have a camera with me. Again, so far so good.

Now its the end of month one of the new year and I've made another resolution, to post some of my favorite pictures of each month here on the last day of the month. Furthermore they will not be the same images that appeared on my Instagram account, although they may, as is the case with a couple of these images, be alternate shots of the daily images.

Yes I am making up the rules as I go but what the heck, it's my resolution so I can do with it as I please. Let's see how it goes.

Here's my entry for January:

January 1
The first day of the year had me out and about testing my new camera. It was a pretty cold day so I stuck close to home and took this picture of a typical Chicago bungalow with a very atypical fence.

January 2
Again testing out the camera, this time in Maggie Daley Park. As with all digital cameras these days, this one is capable of shooting very high quality video. Here's a still image of the Chicago skyline made during a test of the camera's video capabilities.

January 5
Combining urban architecture and the industrial landscape that supports it, I've been a sucker for images of the city such as this one since God knows when. Expect to see more of them.

January 16
Except for the plastic horse and some of the businesses, everything in this picture has been around for a very long time, I just never quite saw it this way until the other day.

January 29
A snapshot I made this time as a passenger in the car. After I saw it, I wanted to crop the photo to straighten it out, which killed all the tension in the picture . This is the un-cropped version.

January 29
A construction site I visited twice this month,I was especially drawn to the white tarps billowing in the wind contrasted against the blue, or in this care, medium gray sky. And finally...

January 30
Lake Michigan looking very tranquil yesterday.

Finally one last resolution, well at least one more thing on my to-do list, was to clean up the web links section in the right column of the page as several of the blogs I've linked to have ceased to update. Some of the those I've decided to keep as their archives alone are notable, including "blogsolomon | Confessions of a Renaissance Hack" written by my late friend Jeremy Pollack. That link will remain on this site as long as this site remains.


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