Sunday, February 26, 2017

And now, for something completely different...

Looking back on my posts over the last several months, I seem to have fallen into a rut. When I began this blog nearly eight years ago, I intended it to focus, as the banner at the top of the page says, on "The Urban Experience, Chicago and Beyond". 

But now I can't seem to write anything that is not about Donald Trump. Well he is the President of the United States of course and presidents set policy that concerns cities so... And yes this particular city does have a building that proudly displays the president's name so...

OK not convincing at all, the truth is, I've been obsessed in the recent months and this obsession has gotten the better of me. Way back at the end of December I even made a New Years resolution to write less about Trump. If you look at the blog archive on the right of all the posts I've written so far this year, you can see how well I'm doing at keeping that resolution.

So today I'm giving you the first post of the year NOT about Donald Trump, even though his name has been mentioned several times already in this post. 

Instead dear readers, I give you a pause that refreshes, it's about someone who is infinitely, indelibly, and indubitably more related to Chicago than the POTUS.

It's a picture of Al Capone fishing in his jammies:

Now don't we all feel better?

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