Saturday, April 30, 2016

Photographs of the Month

April is the cruelest month, at least here in Chicago, as the temperature flirts with spring and even summer temperatures one day, while the next day you're back in winter. Throw in a heaping helping of rain, and you have a typical April in Chicago. Here are some of the pictures I made this past month:

April 7, CTA Purple Line at Belmont Avenue

I had lunch with a friend at the Thompson Center and a discovered a view of the building I somehow missed after all these years:

April 13, James R. Thompson Center

We found ourselves on the south east side of Chicago in the neighborhood called Eastside for one of my son's baseball games. Later that day I decided to take a trip down memory lane to see some of the places I photographed over thirty years ago in the first bona fide photography project I worked on after I left school: 

April 16, South Avenue M, Eastside

These are two photographs I made while strolling with my daughter through Lake Shore East Park. The first is not of my daughter, but the picture did get her stamp of approval:

April 16, Lake Shore East Park

April 16, Apartment building entrance, North Westshore Drive

My favorite view of the Everett Dirksen U.S. Courthouse Building, in front of the west wall of the building that houses the Berghoff Restaurant:

April 18 Everett E. Dirksen Building

Normally a place of tranquility a block from home, tragically a young man was shot and killed a few feet from this spot last month:

April 21, Benedictine Monastery, Rogers Park

An image on the wall of one of the back entrances to our building created by a serendipitous series of events:

April 24, Casa Bonita, Rogers Park

The magnificent Louis Comfort Tiffany mosaic inside the former Marshall Field Department store building, it would be my nine year old daughter's first visit, a least in her recollection:

April 24, Marshall Fie... er I mean Macy's Department Store

Some lunchtime street photography in the Loop:

April 25, Art Institute of Chicago

and this:
April 25, Wabash and Jackson Streets

The cruelest month can produce some magnificent weather events as this photo illustrates. After I took this picture we headed straight into that storm which in some places produced lima bean sized hail. Somehow however, we managed to stay dry:

April 25, Lane Tech High School

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