Thursday, December 24, 2015

My New Lens and I in the Loop

In the days before digital photography, you could make an investment in serious gear and expect it to last a lifetime. Now photographic equipment evolves almost as quickly as do computers, so in order to keep up you have to invest in new equipment on a regular basis. 

Of course the good part of that is you get to buy new stuff.

A good photographer can take a good picture with a ten dollar camera in his or her back yard but let's face it, there's no shot in the arm more satisfying than getting a new piece of gear.

Last week I bit the bullet and invested in a new camera and a serious lens, my first big photographic purchase in a decade.

The lens arrived the other day but I'm still waiting for the camera. I jumped ships going from Nikon to Canon which means the new lens won't fit my old camera, so to test it out I slapped the lens on a borrowed camera. These were taken the other day in my own back yard so to speak, Chicago's Loop, with a cheap camera and an expensive lens.

I'm particularly happy with this last one.

The camera won't arrive until after Christmas so I'll have to be a good boy and wait.

Merry Christmas to all! 

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