Thursday, February 23, 2012

This evening's commute

Two boys on the L platform smiled and pointed across to the opposite platform where four figures in their unmistakable wide brimmed hats were dashing toward the overpass. Before I knew it, the four Amish boys got on my train. Teenagers being teenagers, these four, contrary to the stereotypical image of their people, were as rowdy as any group of teens. Even in a city as diverse as this, where people of all cultures in all manner of appearance and attire pop in and out with anyone batting an eye, these guys stood out, they may as well have been aliens from another planet. They rode the train for one stop then got off.

As soon as they left the train, I dozed off, only to be awakened by the sound of small objects hitting the train. I thought it was beginning to hail. Looking outside, I saw two children, a boy and a girl standing on the platform, throwing stones at our train. I shrugged my shoulders at them as if to say: "really?" They mimicked my gesture, laughed, then threw more stones in my direction.

I didn't go back to sleep.

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