Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Chicago primer

If you want to know something about Chicago, a good place to start is any local park on a spring, summer or early fall evening. There you will more than likely find a game that is practically unique to this city, 16" softball. The ball is ridiculously large meaning you can't hit it as far as a conventional 12" softball, although I've seen guys hit the thing far enough to clear the fence at a major league ballpark. Consequently you can fit two or three games into the same space you'd need for one conventional softball game, an important feature in a city with limited space for ballfields. The other unique aspect of the game is that it's played without gloves making it accessible to anyone willing to sacrifice their fingers.

If you want to know anything about Chicago, you have to know Mike Royko.

So I give you dear reader, Mike Royko, on softball, Chicago style:

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