Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Losing Frank, and finding him again

Here's a requiem for a lost Frank Lloyd Wright American System-Built Home that once stood in Gary, Indiana.

As you may recall from my post in October titled "Visiting Frank", we visited a block filled with these modest homes intended for the middle class on the south side of Milwaukee this past summer. The Milwaukee homes were lovingly restored and brought close to the original condition with the exception of one that was clad in aluminum siding.

The Wilbur Wyant home fared much worse. Linked to the lost Wright home post is a very maudlin tribute to the Gary home set to music. I don't recommend that but this instead this, an appearance of FLW on the 1950's game show "What's My Line?"

Interesting from a historic perspective but in my humble opinion, he's not nearly as funny as say, Groucho Marx.

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