Friday, October 15, 2010

Ninety miles to the north

More things Milwaukee...

Here is an excellent comparison of Chicago and Milwaukee by Robert Powers from a couple of years ago found on one of his several excellent blogs.

I could go on and on spouting praises to our neighbor to the north, someday maybe I'll devote a site dedicated to the city. Among other things, Milwaukee has:
  • My favorite grocery store in the world, Sendik's on Downer Street.
  • My favorite bike shop, Ben's Cycle.
  • My favorite chain of caf├ęs, Alterra Coffee.
  • My favorite pizza, Palermo Villa.*
  • Not to mention my favorite restaurant in the world, Karl Ratzsch's, which so I'm told, was also Frank Lloyd Wright's.
Milwaukee also has the Packers. Well, nobody's perfect.

And speaking of Frank Lloyd Wright, here is a photo of FLW's Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Wauwatosa, WI, just outside of Milwaukee, mentioned in my previous post. It was taken on a visit there earlier this summer.

Danger Will Robinson.

*Sadly, on our most recent trip to Milwaukee, we discovered that Palermo Villa closed in July of 2012. Hopefully I won't need to add any more additions to this post for quite some time, but of course, things change.

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